Model 5509e Ceiling Emitter

Model 5509e Ceiling Emitter

In a matter of seconds, the Model 5509e ceiling ionization system eliminates electrostatic discharge and particle contamination caused by electrostatic attraction. The 5509e ceiling emitters are designed to provide uniform ionization throughout the open areas of a cleanroom. Mounted onto the ceiling surface or inside a flush mount channel, Model 5509e ceiling emitters maintain aesthetics without disrupting cleanroom laminar airflow or compromising the integrity of operating class 1 cleanrooms.

Model 5509e ceiling emitters use pulsed DC ion emission with ion regulation, making output and balance adjustments possible at each emitter. Depending on the amount of ionizers per room, the Model 5509e works with either the Model 5024(e) or 5084(e) controller. Timing and output can be controlled through the hand-held Model 5080 Input Module.


  • Low voltage operation (24 VAC)
  • Individually adjustable ion emission output
  • Feedback with alarms available at each emitter
  • Pulsed DC technologies with local and systemwide adjustment controls
  • Available with single crystal silicon emitter points  


  • Safe, reliable operation
  • Balance can be fine-tuned beneath each emitter
  • Enhanced performance and stability
  • Optimizes ionization efficiency in varying airflows
  • Industry standard, cleanest available emitter point material