Model 5285e Sequential Bipolar AeroBar®

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 Input Voltage  24 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 W max
 Output Voltage  < 15 µA, current and voltage limited
 Technology  Pulsed DC
 Frequency  0 - 9.9 s precise timing supplied by controller
 Emitter  Single-crystal silicon, machined titanium, or tungsten   alloy, replaceable
 Controls  Independently adjust positive and negative output at each bar
 Indicators  Red LED on the AeroBar and Controller 
 (if featured) indicate an alarm condition; 
 Optional - Audible alarm at the 5024 Controller.
 Connections  RJ-11 modular jack receptacle on both ends
 EMI Level  Below background level
 Ozone  <0.005 ppm (24-hour accumulation)
 Operating Env.  5 - 35ºC, 30 - 60% RH (non-condensing),
 Dimensions  5.3H x 3.0W x Length : 55.8/71.1/111.8/162.6/213.4 cm
 Weight  0.17 kg per 30 cm