Stocker Integrated Sorter

Stocker Integrated Sorter

Coupled with state-of-the-art linear motor s & new industrial controller, the sorter achieves a high throughput, whilst the reduced footprint and minimal facility requirements decrease overall cost of ownership.

A new end effector coupled to in-house developed FFU (Class 0.1 mini-environment) ensures optimal cleanliness.

  • Various end effectors: Vacuum free edge contact or 3 points backside contact (optional)
  • New industrial controller
  • Patented embedded alignment & ID reading on the finger
  • PWP < 0.03 @ 90nm on active wafer surface*
  • Class 0.1 mini-environment
  • Throughput up to 500 wph**
  • SEMI300 standards compliant
  • 2/3 or 4 load ports configuration
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Standard & configurable process programs
  • Compatible with all SEMI compliant FOUP/ FOSB types
  • Automated hidden time mapping
  • Operated via host & color LCD touch screen

* Based on 100 cycles tests – Tool configuration, clean room environment and FOUP/ FOSB type to be defined
* Depending on tool configuration & process program


PWP < 0.03 @ 90nm on active wafer surface
PWP < 0.1 @ 0.140µm on back face
Throughput up to 500 wph**
Uptime ≥ 98% & Read rate ≥ 99.9%
CAN-Bus architecture
New Industrial Controller
New motherboard
1.2 GHz CPU clock-speed
RAM 512MB for faster data transfer & management
Enhanced Video Acquisition Board (faster image acquisition)
Wiring interface board
I/O Serial Port Management Board
New HDD for faster data transfer & management
Windows 2000
Up to 10% throughput increase
Transfer Arm and Camera Unit
Patented edge contact transfer technology with embedded wafer alignment & ID read eliminates wafer hand-offs
On-board sensing provides real-time feedback of wafer position & total wafer safety
Compatible with all SEMI alpha-numeric, barcode & data matrix scribes; front or backface
E15.1  Load Ports
Automatic detection of FOUPs, FOSB, Auto-door FOSB, Metal Cassette, Open Cassettes & Incam FOUP for One®
Configurable for 13, 25 & 26 wafers FOUPs
Compliant with E84, AGV, E64 & E23 for PGV & OHT
Automated mapping during door open
Filter Fan Unit
In-house developed FFU ensures of Class 0.1 Sematech standard mini-environment with PTFE Class U15 or U16 filters
Mini-environment pressure adjustable between 0 – 10 pascals
Dimensions & Facility Requirements
Dimensions 2 LP (wdh) 1100 x 1153 x 2020 mm
Dimensions 3 & 4 LP (wdh) 2109 x 1153 x 2020 mm
Dimensions include FOUP opener depth 458 mm
UPS 90V ~ 240v only: no vacuum
2 FOUP 450kg; 4 FOUP 635kg
2/3 or 4 load ports configuration
Non-edge contact finger (ultra clean device/ 3 points on backside)