CarboShield ACR450-PR.01


CarboShield is a highly effective shielding wall paint for protection against electromagnetic radiation with up to 99.9 % effectiveness. This carbon based wall paint is applicable in homes & buildings.

Technical Data

 Solvent base  Water
 Solids by weight  54 - 55%
 Mass density  1.28 g/cm3
 Color  Anthracite
 pH-VALUE  7 - 8
 VOC content1  < 0.2 g/l
 Shelf-life (unopened)  6 months
 Storage conditions  Cool, but frost-free (>5ºC), avoid direct sunlight (max. peak < 35ºC)
 Processing temperature  15 ºC - 35 ºC
 Labeling (GHS)  None
 GIS-code  M-DF01

Coating (dry)
 EM shielding attenuation (1 layer)2
 Max. 40 dB
 EM shielding attenuation (2 layer)2  max. 46 dB
 Sd value 3
 (water vapor diffusion equivalent air layer)
 < 0.14 m
(highly water vapor permeable)
1 acc. to DIN EN ISO 11890-2
2 based on ASTM D – 4935-2010 as well as on IEEE299-2006
3 acc. to DIN EN ISO 7783:2012

Application notes:
 Field of application  Carbo Shield provides high efficiency protection against electromagnetic radiation for homes and buildings.
 Coverage per coat  Depending on surface approx. 6 - 7 m2 per liter are achievable
 Surface  Good adhesion on most common construction surfaces such as wall paint, plasterboard, wood or cork.
 Surface preparation  The surface should be dry and free of loose material and any contamination that may interfere with adhesion.
 Absorbent surfaces should be treated with a base coat or primer.
 Electrical grounding  An electrical earth grounding of the coating is mandatory. Usage of a copper tape is recommended.
 The earth ground connection of the copper tape needs to be installed by a professional electrician.
 Preparation  Prior to every coating application thoroughly stirring of the dispersion with a suitable tool is required.
 Opened containers need to be sealed tightly and content shall be applied as quickly as possible.
 Processing methods  Rolling: Apply evenly with a pile roller (ca. 5 – 8 mm pile).
 Spraying: Spray evenly with a spray gun with a spray valve not smaller than 1 mm. Smaller spray valves may be blocked.
                 A 10 % dilution with demineralized water is recommended.
 Dry time  At 20 °C and 65 % relative humidity coating is recoatable after approx. 50 minutes. With lower temperatures and
 higher humidity dry time increases. If several layers are applied, individual drying is necessary.
 Overpaintability  CarboShield can be overpainted with aqueous indoor paints. It is recommended using a double layer top coat
 with well covering dispersion or dispersion silicate paint.
 Thinning  Generally, a dilution (up to 15 %) with water is possible. However, change of screening effectiveness may occur then.
 Cleaning  Cleaning of tools with warm water immediately after usage.

Safety indications:
 Storage  Keep out of reach of children.
 Processing  During application do not eat, drink or smoke. Provide good ventilation while processing and
 drying. Do not breathe in sprayed product. Wash immediately with plenty of water after
 contact with eyes or skin.
 Disposal  Do not allow this material into drains, groundwater or soil. Only recycle completely emptied containers.
 Containers with liquid material residues should be disposed of via special waste collection services.
 Dried material residues can be disposed of together with domestic waste.
 MSDS  Further details can be found on the material safety data sheet 


All information concerning characteristics or applications of our product contained in this data sheet are given to the best of our knowledge and follow our latest technical
development. Considering, however, the variety of possibilities and conditions of application, users of the product have to check out, if the product is suitable to
serve their intended purposes. We do not warrant any specific results. Users of our products have to observe applicable laws and regulations valid at their place. This
data sheet is valid only in its latest version (see:

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