Aero Jet


Mid & High viscosity
Non-contact jet dispenser

The world's fastest jet dispenser, 270dps, even with high viscous materials.

  • Jetting the liquid of mid and high viscosity at super high speed
  • MUSASHI’s own jet mechanism makes super micro dots
  • Four more times durable compared with our conventional jet dispenser
  • Achieved steady and reproducible dispensing
  • Nozzle heater controller comes as the standard


Model MJET-A-HU O-R/L    ( O : S, M, L )
Dispensing method Jet type
Dispensable liquid materials Underfill materials, Ag paste, moisture proof materials and UV resin, etc
Applicable range for liquid material viscosity 50 to 300,000mPa-s
Optional nozzles Pipe type (1L, 3L, 5L) : 15 to 32G
All-in-one design (SHN) : 28 to 36G
Air pressure supply 0.5MPa or less (syringe)
0.45MPa or more (electromagnetic valve)
(Gross weight. Net weight)

Controller's Department  *Common in Aero Jet and Cyber Jet
Model MJET-3-CTR
Control scheme Electro / pneumatic method
Pressure setting 0.005 to  0.700MPa
Control circuit of
dispensing time
Digital timer circuit
Setting at
dispensing time
Dot mode 0.01 to 99.99msec. 
Line mode Turning on time : 0.01 to 99.99msec.
Turning off time : 0.01 to 99.99msec. 
Dispensing frequency
setting function
1 to 9999 times (At the line mode) 
Display section LED digital presentation 
I/O signal Input (4Pin {connector} : 
No point of contact or having 
point of contact signal
(terminal I/O : No point of contact)
Dispensing signal
Mode switch signal 
Output (non-contact output) Dispensing completion signal, signal under
dispensing, power supply ON signal, 
the main mode state signal, pressure decrease signal  
Supply pressure  0.80MPa or less
Power supply / Power consumption AC100 to 240V  50/60Hz • 62W 
Weight 4kg