Smart Shot MS-1 / MS-1D


High precision ECO dispenser®

  • Power consumption 1/2 > Cut power consumption by 50%
  • Accuracy improvement > Dispense precision is improve, 130% compared to existing model
  • Multi-functional machine >  Equipped with set up function for dispense condition
  • Ultra - light weight and comapct design
  • CE-marked products (EMC. LVD) are available


Model MS-1  MS-1D
Control system Micro-computer controlled electronic-pneumatic system
Dispensing pressure setting 0.002 to 0.70MPa
Display section Analog display Digital display
(Display resolution : 0.01MPa)
Dispensing time setting 10ms to 9999sec.
Dispensing time display LED digital display (4 digits) 
Control circuit Microcomputer controlled digital circuit
Vacuum pressure 0 to20kPa
Input / Output signal Input : Non-contact and Contact 
Output : Non-contact
Operating environment * Temperature : 15-35ºC, Humidity : 25-75%, at elevations below 2000 m
Protection class * IP-40
Supply air pressure Max. 0.8Mpa (Dispensing pressure +0.1Mpa or more)
Power supply / Power consumption AC100V to 240V   50/60Hz • 12W (through AC adapter)
External dimensions W142 x D138 x H103mm (excluding protrusion)
Weight 790g
* Applicable only to CE-marked models