Compatible with changes in fluid viscosity communication function compact digital dispenser

Dispense two-liquid type materials smoothly

  • Stable dispensing of two-liquid type cure adhesive
    1. With the <auto increment function>,dispensing set conditions automatically switches step-by-step
    2. With the <auto slope function>, the channel is set automatically just by inputting the start and end dispensing conditions
  • Variable line width at a constant drawing speed
  • Ideal for automation lines and centralized control from host computer because the RS-232C communication function is provided
  • Dedicated software, “MuCOM® 808“ allows “ Editing, Saving and Implementing” dispensing conditions on your PC
  • CE-marked products (EMC. LVD) are available


Model ML-808 FX COM-CE
Control system Electro-pneumatic systems
Pneumatic control circuit Automatic digital air pressure control (PAT.)
Air pulse stabilization circuit (PAT.)
Dispensing pressure setting 20.0 to 800.0 kPa
Dispensing time setting 0.010 to 999.9sec.
Dispensing mode Timed / manual (double mode)
Vacuum pressure 0 to - 20.0kPa
Vacuum time 1 msec. (step)    4000msec. (max value) 
Memory 400 channels
Special functions • Auto increment function
 Auto slope function (PAT.P)
 Vacuum timer / Vacuum interval timer
 Express shot function
 Data upload / download (RS-232C) 
Recording functions (Internal) SRAM
(External) MuCom dispensing programming software (option)
Input / Output signal  Input : Non-contact or contact points  
Output : Non-contact points
Operating environment * Temperature : 15-35ºC, Humidity : 25-75%, at elevations below 2000 m
Protection class * IP-20
Adaptive fuse * 250V  2.0A (time-lag fuse di.5 type)
Supply air pressure 900kPa or less
Power supply / Power consumption AC100 to 240V, 50/60Hz • 40W
External dimensions and weight W262 x D262 x H95mm • 5kg
* Applicable only to CE-Marked